The majority of my images of Winehouse have been very positive after all she was an amazing artist and that is for what I feel she should be remembered. But that would be very one dimensional and therefore some of my work is a little more dark. After all her suffering and troubled life is part of the reason she was so brilliant as a singer song writer.

This piece, ‘Lanson’ was to evoke her feelings of desperation! torment! Using newspapers and magazines this piece I chose it to be as monochrome as possible, magazines for the Winehouse image & newspaper print for the background subtly differentiating between the two, yet letting the imagery bleed one into the other.

The lightening struck sky to me represented her mood and anguish, however I also love the accidents occurring when working with collage as a medium. The very medium of newspapers (tabloids) and magazines exploit the rich and famous; yet without them they would be far less famous and consequently less wealthy! Who exploits who?

As Andy Warhol said , ‘everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame’.

Collage on canvas 56” x 44” aprox (142 x 130cm)

Artist: Katrina Atkinson


I prefer to work from life where possible but the second best thing available is film footage. While making my art about Amy Winehouse I would emerse myself with her images and her music, as well as music that inspired her such as Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Symone, Dianne Washington, Sarah Vaghan, Carol King, James Taylor and Frank Sinatra.

This piece ‘Heart was created in response to The Brit awards 2008 performance with Mark Ronson. Winehouse comes out so fresh, fluid, cheeky and alive I love her red tartan top and leopard print skirt which she would grab hold of between tugging on her hair, I wanted to capture her movement and the light keeping it monochrome yet punctuating it with the red!

Acrylic on Canvas 56” x 44” aprox (142 x 130cm)

This Side of Paradise

‘This Side of Paradise’, predominately using black and white imagery, This piece is a pensive, thoughtful, possibly longing, a melancholic Winehouse. The layers and strips of paper imagery which create her hair,  have many other portraits of men and women mainly from advertisements which leads ons eyes around the canvas. There is so much going on it feels to me that it has an almost film or dream like quality. Using unusual images of things that emulate the shapes of Amy’s face and shadow, was the concept I had for the face. What I hope has emerged is a piece that not only reflects Winehouse and her myriad of thoughts and feelings, but the complexities that go on inside our minds the observer, daily.

Collage on canvas 56” x 44” aprox (142 x 130cm)

Daddy’s Girl

Pop Art & Culture: Not a new concept, images of pop idols I remember as a child at the fun fair there would be larger than life Elvis and Monroe to name just two, often there were cheap reproduction sketches as give away prizes on the side shows. Every teenager wanted a poster on their wall.

Amy had a unique style? when researching her influences I realised her ‘look’ isn’t far removed from one of my all time favourite actresses Sophia Loren perhaps more enhanced thick black flicked eye liner - very sixties beehive, but  wild bigger and messier hair!

‘Daddy’s Girl’, Acrylic on canvas black and white image. A Grown ups Poster!

Acrylic on Canvas 56” x 44” aprox (142 x 130cm)


Favourite yellow Dress!

This is taken from images at The Brit Awards in 2007.

This was my second piece of Amy in her yellow dress, I feel the vibrancy of the acid yellow reflected her upbeat, cheeky, personality. I wanted to catch her in this mood she seemed electric! I kept a restricted pallet bringing in a pink background to pick up the her pink lips & cheeks. Black for her hair but of course using ripped magazines other colours come through there is an element of decision with colours and the text used but I love to explore the images & words that emerge later. I feel this canvas would make great textile pieces.

Amy Winehouse was buried on July 26th 2011 in her favourite yellow dress.

Collage on canvas 56” x 44” aprox (142 x 130cm)


This piece has direct influences from Andy Warhol & the Pop Art movement. This was my first piece in this series of work, I had imagined a wall of variants of Amy’s face, again similar to Warhol’s Marilyn or Cow picture 1960s, but it has proved difficult to find a venue large enough to have a wall that could display nine comfortably.

This canvas simply black on white with strong red lips, it tends to be more characterised.

Acrylic on Canvas 56” x 44” aprox (142 x 130cm)


Once again using a simple pallet, my paper colours & tones golds, oranges and black, emphasising her lips in pink. From the distance she is a confident Winehouse but when you get Close up it is a ‘Mash Up’ of imagery, models, metal, gold, sparkly, watches, and all kinds of textures & texts.

Collage on canvas 56” x 44” aprox (142 x 130cm)

‘Lost Souls’ SPIRIT:

So often I really enjoy the ‘accident’ that emerges within the collage


In this piece I held a restricted pallet of colours, shades of pink, through to all shades of purples.

My intention was to evoke Amy’s fun, upbeat and cheeky SPIRIT!!


(Collage on canvas 56”x44” 142x 130 cm)

‘Homage to Amy Winehouse’ or ‘I Hawley’.

I wanted to collage a piece that was totally imagery and text on Amy; so I dissected books, magazines and newspapers to make this collection of pieces.

Friends on a London excursion  brought back some beer mats from The Hawley, Amy’s local pub, I felt it appropriate to embed them within this collage.


(Collage on canvas 56”x44” 142x 130 cm)

Super Sexy Cyber Chick:

This was the first collage I experimented within this body of work.

I deliberately chose images of architecture, buildings, tyres, cars, etc. etc.

I was referencing Amy Winehouse but my main aim was to explore the medium.

The emerging result feels to me a rather futuristic image; smatterings of Lara Croft of ‘Tomb Raider’ ‘Super Sexy Cyber Chick’ was born.


(Collage on canvas 56”x44” 142x 130 cm)

‘Up Close & Personal’:

Here is a close up of Amy’s face as if enlarged through a camera lens, cropped.

To best appreciate this work a large space would do it justice!

Look close you can clearly pick out the abstract images, the giraffe, patterns, people, words, magazine adverts etc. yet from the distance the over all image is Amy!


(Collage on canvas 56”x44” 142x 130 cm)

Amy in Black & White:

‘Pin -Up Pop Idol Poster’ yet again;

In the genre of the pop poster of teens of the 60s & 70s.

A simple black on white canvas I enjoy the unfinished, the accident, drippy paint going other than where I had initially intended.

Simply Amy.


(Detail. Acrylic on canvas 56”x44” 142x 130 cm)


No No No!

This is the only coloured painting within the series,

The composition of the image was taken from a still from the Rehab Video. Keeping to a restricted pallet Browns Tans and Yellows. I feel I have captured her inner most thoughts some who have seen it have said looking into her eyes is like looking into her soul.


(Detail.Acrylic on canvas 56”x44” 142x 130 cm)


In a ‘Pop Art Style’, a simple depiction of the features of Amy Winehouse.

‘Stylized Face’:

Black acrylic on white canvas.

Dark & Light 1:

Reflective of several dimensions of all our lives and personalities.

Impression- using black & white acrylic paint on white canvas.

Dark & Light 2:

It is within my belief that there is very little actual ‘Black & White’ within this world.

I feel all of us encompass all the shades of grey between.

Impression- using black & white acrylic paint on white canvas.


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